Should you have any findings, you will have approximately 12 weeks (this may vary but will be agreed with your Assessment Manager) to provide suitable evidence to your Assessment Manager that they have been addressed. Once any mandatory findings have been satisfactorily cleared, the Assessment Manager will submit their recommendation to an independent Decision-maker within DiversityAustralia. See DiversityAustralia decision-making process. Following ratification of the decision to grant accreditation you will be notified in writing.

Maintaining your accreditation Your accreditation will be confirmed on an annual basis by surveillance visits, with a full re-assessment every second year. The first surveillance visit takes place 6 months after the Grant of Accreditation.  At the initial assessment stage, you will be provided with an estimate of the work involved for the two-year cycle.

Accredited organisations are advised to adopt the following measures to maintain their accreditation:

  • Inform your Assessment Manager of any changes that may affect the scope of your accreditation as early as possible. Your Assessment Manager can be contacted at any point in the cycle.
  • Ensure that your key technical staff maintain their technical competence by attending recognised training courses and relevant sector events. DiversityAustralia provides training courses that may support the development of your team.
  • Ensure that you keep up-to-date with Regulatory changes in your sector.
  • Ensure that you subscribe to DiversityAustralia to ensure that you receive the latest accreditation requirements.
  • Inform DiversityAustralia of any merges or acquisitions along with your strategy for continuing your accreditation.
  • Conduct an appropriate Internal audit regime.
  • Ensure on-going effective document control.
  • Retain all quality records and technical records throughout the period between assessments.