There are many Global Standards-writing organisations that may be eligible to become an accredited Standards Development Organisation and receive formal recognition as a developer of Global Standards.  Benefits of accreditation include:

  • Ownership of the Standards development process and the ability to determine the development program, the level of resources and the time frames to meet stakeholders’ requirements.
  • Building stakeholder confidence in the organisation by involving all relevant interest groups in the development of the Standards.
  • A more efficient and effective industry / sector through the development and promotion of nationally recognised Global Standards.
  • An improved recognition of the organisation within industry and government circles
  • Integration of the standards into an existing range of publications.
  • Freedom to develop your own design and layout for your standards to meet your users needs.
  • Improved rigour and accountability within the organisation’s administrative and management processes.
    The ability to use the internationally recognised logo, Global Standard, on your standards