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Accredit Global holds multiple accreditations across a number of our certifications ensuring our systems for creating certified professionals and training providers are recognized by governments to the highest international standard.


We continue to ensure that our extensive range of Industry-developed or management system-based schemes remain relevant to you as a certified professional. Our accredited certifications comply with international standards such as ISO and IEC.



Accredit Global certification assists your organisation in meeting the requirements of the Risk and Sustainability Reporting Globally under international frameworks.  Our Third-party assurance system and accreditation gives confidence our customers, investors and stakeholders that the company has processes in place and working long-term with a risk management system.



We are currently operate across via our independent audit partners in more than 100 countries, AD offers international and local expertise with our success based on a close working partnership with clients and stakeholders.


Accredit Global’s provides proof of training course framework excellence. Accredit Global provides independent third-party certification for courses and examinations offered by management systems auditing training providers.  Accredit Global’s certification of training providers is a clear statement of training excellence aligned to ISO 29990:2010.

The certification process covers design, development, delivery and improvement through an evaluation of the training course framework.  The initial and ongoing evaluation under quality principles, identifies the needed gaps and corrective action.  This standard provides training providers with a competitive advantage covering globally recognized quality assurance requirements for the design and delivery of learning services.  This demonstrated commitment includes ongoing improvements to the training provider’s course framework.

This process ensures that training providers have a high level of understanding and competence for delivering a rewarding and engaging experience.  With a combination of an enthusiastic training provider and a rigorous assessment of the course framework, the courses made available should meet the nominated criteria, provide effective training and ensure competent students graduate from the course offered by the training provider.  Training providers operating to consistent with ISO 29990:2010 should, under quality assurance principles, demonstrate a courses at world-class level, meeting student needs, and is value for money.

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