Our Company

Global Excellence through Accreditation and Certification

Global ISO Standards

To be successful in an increasingly globally competitive environment, modern corporations must develop workplace standards that meet the new world requirements.

Quality Forward Thinking

Innovation comes from a range of Diverse Cultures, Backgrounds and Systems.

Strategic Innovation

Global Leaders need to lead organisations that are flexible enough to respond to change across diverse markets.

Strategically Culturally Driven

A strong Culture of Quality is the essence of a High Performing Organisation.

Our Story

Global Diversity Accredited is the globally agency who manages Diversity Accreditation for organisations across the world.  We drive innovation through diversity excellence at a time when the global business community is woefully ill-equipped to manage cultural diversity in markets and workforce’s.


A Receipe for Success

  • Strategy Direction 95% 95%
  • Cultural Diversity 78% 78%
  • Talent Diversification & Development 85% 85%
  • Employee Happiness 93% 93%