Become Accredited

Diversity Quality Performance (DQP) accreditation is a cyclic process of internally directed self-assessment, followed by external assessment. Each accreditation program has its own unique framework.

The six steps in the accreditation process are typically:

  1. Registration with DQP
  2. Self-assessment
  3. Application for accreditation
  4. On-site or desktop survey assessment
  5. Decision, and
  6. Monitoring and continuous quality improvement.

The accreditation cycle length varies depending on the program. Some accreditation and certification programs may also include a mid-cycle review.


  • We are experts in accreditation, with more than sixteen years’ experience in accreditation and quality improvement services across all areas of health and community services.
  • Our Assessors complete competency based training and have experience in the type of organisation that they are assigned to assess.

Our Approach

Diversity Quality Performance (DQP) is committed to providing simple and effective accreditation and certification programs consistent with international best practice.   DQP’s approach to accreditation and certification services is based on five principles:

  • Excellence.
  • Simplicity
  • Support
  • Independence, and
  • Expertise.


  • We recognise that the value of accreditation is dependent on its validity and reliability, and
  • We are internationally accredited and continually improving our approach to accreditation.


Our accreditation services are delivered in a way that reduces our clients’ administrative effort, providing more time for making quality improvements rather than the paperwork that is often associated with accreditation. Our web-based self-assessment tool, AccreditationPro has been designed to simplify and streamline the accreditation process.

What is Accrediation

Accreditation is independent recognition that an organisation, service, program or activity meets the requirements of defined criteria or standards. Accreditation provides quality and performance assurance for owners, managers, staff, funding bodies and consumers. Accreditation is a tool to measure and improve performance and outcomes. Accreditation can help an organisation to:

  • Provide independent recognition that  the organisation is committed to safety and quality
  • Foster a culture of quality
  • Provide consumers with confidence
  • Build a better, more efficient organisation with quality and performance assurance
  • Increase capability
  • Reduce risk
  • Provide a competitive advantage over organisations that are not accredited, and
  • Comply with regulatory requirements, where relevant.

Diversity Quality Performance (DQP) assists organisations to choose the quality improvement framework best suited for them.

Who needs accrediation?

Accreditation is relevant to any organisation that wishes to measure and improve their performance.  Accreditation is a tool to improve performance and outcomes and provides independent recognition that an organisation is committed to Diversity, Inclusion, Cultural Sensitivity, Safety and Quality.

Accreditation can be applied to any organisation, service, program, or activity as a means of ensuring it meets requirements of set criteria or standards.  Learn about the benefits of accreditation.

Diversity Quality Performance (DQP) specialises in supporting health and community services to manage risk and quality through the provision of:

  • Accreditation, certification and quality assurance services, and
  • Accreditation and quality improvement related training and capacity building.

Contact DQP to choose the quality improvement framework best suited to your organisation.

Why should my Orgainsation be Accredited?

Diversity Quality Performance (DQP) provides a range of accreditation and certification services to support organisations on their quality improvement journey.  Accreditation is the first step towards continuous quality improvement. Accreditation can assist your organisation to:

  • Implement tools to improve performance, outcomes and quality assurance
  • Build a more efficient organisation with increased capability
  • Build a culture of quality
  • Reduce risk, and
  • Provide consumers with confidence  that services are continuously being improved.

Accredited organisations see many internal and externally focused benefits. Learn about the benefits of accreditation.

Multiple Accrediation Frameworks

DQP’s aim is to enable multiple accreditations to take place simultaneously and provide a seamless experience for your organisation by minimising complexity and duplication of work effort.  We are striving to make accreditation a seamless experience for clients by enabling multiple accreditations to take place simultaneously.

Contact DQP to see how we can support your organisation to manage multiple standards and accreditation programs.


  • Our self-assessment process incorporates extensive guidance and education for clients, providing them with a practical understanding of the relevant standards and how the standards may be implemented.
  • Our clients are provided with access to an online resource library that contains a wide range of relevant accreditation and quality improvement resources, including information sheets, research, better practice guidelines and management system templates.
  • Our clients have access to a dedicated Client Liaison Officer during normal business hours to provide support and guidance with the accreditation process and implementing the standards.


  • We are truly independent and reject affiliations and activities that may compromise the integrity and credibility of DQP accreditation.
  • We work actively to create an environment where Assessors and accreditation Decision Makers are free from any kind of inappropriate internal or external influence.

Help me find the right accreditation program

An increasing number of health and community service organisations in Australia require accreditation across a range of standards and we anticipate that this trend is likely to increase in the future.  Quality Innovation Performance’s (QIP) website has been designed to provide multiple pathways to find the right accreditation program or standards you are looking for.  DQP’s aim is to enable work towards multiple accreditations to take place simultaneously and to provide a seamless experience for your organisation, while minimising complexity and reducing duplication of work effort.  Contact DQP to see how we can support your organisation to manage multiple standards and accreditation programs.

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